Corrosion Control Ingenuity

Cathodic Protection

Marine Jetties And Wharves Water & Waste Water Pipelines
Oil & Gas Pipelines
Slurry Pipelines
Offshore Pipelines
Water And Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Marine Vessels
Water Chillers And Heat Exchangers

Project Design

Storage Vessels And Reservoirs
Horizontal Directional Drill Installations
Marine Facilities
Coating Specifications
Immersed Structures
Above Ground And Buried Tanks
AC LFI And EPR Assessments

Supply & Installation

Transformer Rectifiers
Sacrificial And Impressed Current Anodes
Anode Backfills
Test Point Facilites
Specialised Cabling
Thermite Welding And Pinbrazing
Electrical Isolation
Corrosion Monitoring
Surge Protection
Deep Well Anodes
Interface Mitigation
Cathodic Protection Testing Equipment

Inspections & Auditing

Potential Surveying
DC Voltage Coating Integrity(DGVG)
AC Voltage Gradient Integrity (ACVG)
Close Internal Potential Survey (CIPS)
Pipeline Direct Assessment And Repair (ECDA)
Datalogger Surveying
Atmospheric Coating Assessments
Interference Testing
Pipeline And Asset Location
Remedial Works
AC Monitoring
Pipeline Installation Supervision

Corrosion Prevention Is Better Than Cure

We are driven by values & results

Scape Consulting provides corrosion control & cathodic protection  services to some of the largest Australian and international companies. Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions and deliver the highest quality products and services. Our team will deliver a solution tailored specifically to your needs to ensure you achieve your project goals.

We take the time to listen to your needs, will clearly identify the critical steps and work together towards the solution. We pride ourselves in knowing that we can deliver a full suite of specialised materials and undertake cathodic protection assessments utilising our extensive range of ‘state of the art’ test equipment.

Enquire today about our custom solutions and services.

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With decades of real industry experience our team has the expertise to deliver the right solution on time and on budget.

At Scape Consulting, we combine our insights and skills to clearly identify the key deliverables. We incorporate ingenuity and efficiencies into every package so that it is compliant and can be executed on time, on budget and delivered safely.

Scape have delivered cathodic protection installations to key infrastructure in all corners of Australia and around the globe.

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