Cathodic Protection Company Brisbane

Scape Consulting Provides Industrial Corrosion Control Engineering Solutions To Brisbane And Surrounding Areas.

Inspection & Auditing Services

  • Potential Surveying
  • DC Voltage Coating Integrity(DGVG)
  • AC Voltage Gradient Integrity (ACVG)
  • Close Internal Potential Survey (CIPS)
  • Pipeline Direct Assessment And Repair (ECDA)
  • Datalogger Surveying
  • Atmospheric Coating Assessments
  • Interference Testing
  • Pipeline And Asset Location
  • Remedial Works
  • AC Monitoring
  • Pipeline Installation Supervision


Brisbane Projects

Scape Consulting were engaged to complete the design, supply, installation and termination a sacrificial anode Cathodic Protection system for mild steel piles in the Brisbane River.

Scape Consulting services a diverse range of Brisbane companies.  Examples include: Marine projects  including work on Jetties & wharves and industrial pipelines, Scape can help companies be proactive by conducting inspections and audits. 

We have extensive experience in the waste water and marine industry, The Scape engineering team has also carried out engineering work on water chillers and heat exchangers, Storage vessels and reservoirs, including immersed structures.   Scape also has considerable expertise working with buried tanks and  slurry pipelines. 


Supply & Installation

  • Transformer Rectifiers
  • Sacrificial And Impressed
  • Current Anodes
  • Anode Backfills
  • Test Point Facilites
  • Specialised Cabling
  • Thermite Welding And
  • Pinbrazing
  • Electrical Isolation
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Surge Protection
  • Deep Well Anodes
  • Interface Mitigation
  • Cathodic Protection Testing Equipment