Corrosion Control Australia

We deliver corrosion prevention and control services Australia wide. 

Coatings are one of the easiest ways to protect your pipes against corrosion. Coatings and linings can be used on pipes that are above or underground. They frequently are used in combination with cathodic protection. Materials that are used to add defense to your pipelines can include epoxy and zinc.

Corrosion control for pipelines is typically achieved with a combination of pipe coatings supported with cathodic protection to cover coating holidays or defects. The nature of offshore pipelines dictates that the most cost effective and reliable method of providing the cathodic protection component is the use of zinc or aluminum alloy bracelet anodes. This method has served the pipeline industry well for many years.

Larger diameter pipelines may require a stabilizing weight coating, usually concrete, installed over the thin film corrosion coating. This weight coating provides mechanical protection to the corrosion coating as well as allowing the bracelet anodes to be flush with or even below the outer profile of the pipe. Thus, damage from contact with the pipelay stinger or burial sled to the anodes or coating is minimized.